Programme overview

This workshop brings together theorists and experimentalists working in the field of
exclusive and diffractive processes. Review talks from the experimental programs at
the TEVATRON, the HERA, the RHIC and the LHC collider are planned. The program of
exclusive and diffractive physics at the LHC is discussed by invited talks from the ALICE,
ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, MoEDAL and TOTEM experiments.

This workshop is organized into the following sessions:

  • monday I: overview diffraction TEVATRON, HERA, RHIC, LHC
  • monday II: Electromagnetic interactions, bound-free pair production
  • tuesday I: model of soft reactions, ATLAS and MoEDAL experiment at the LHC
  • tuesday II: diffractive particle production, LCHf at the LHC
  • wednesday I: exclusive particle production, CMS experiment at the LHC
  • wednesday II: diffractive production of charm, heavy vector mesons and W, LHCb at the LHC
  • thursday I: exclusive Higgs and W-pair production, beyond the Standard Model
  • thursday II: Diffractive jet production, rapidity gaps in jets
  • friday I: central exclusive production, soft color screening
Dates of workshop:

The workshop starts monday, feb 27, 9:00 and ends friday, march 2, 14:00